Monday, May 14, 2012

In The Beginning....

So, where to start when it comes to my first post here in this sparkling new blog?  Maybe I should introduce my Resin Family to you.  First, let me tell you a little about how I started collecting BJDs.

Years ago, and this must be about 15-16 years ago, I collected Barbie dolls.  I collected what I liked and displayed them, sewed for them, customized a few and then after about a couple of years (and after my daughter was born) I packed them up and didn't touch them for several years. 
 Then one day I decided to go looking for the magazine that had everything to do with Barbie: Barbie Bazaar.  I soon found out that the magazine no longer existed, but another had sort of taken its place and had articles about Barbie in it.  The name of that magazine: Haute Doll.  I bought my first magazine and was just fascinated by these dolls called Ball Jointed Dolls!  I had to know more!  They were gorgeous!  They were customizable!  They were unique and oh so very poseable!    The Internet, being the source of knowledge good and evil, led me to the various companies out there that sold BJDs.  My first love was a White Skin ResinSoul Mei.  She was so ethereal and incredibly affordable.  I found the Denver Doll Emporium and ordered her. Then the wait began... Luckily, with ResinSoul/ Bobobie the wait isn't quite so long as say Soom or Fairyland, but 2-3 weeks was long enough for me.  She finally arrived and I was in awe!  She was so much bigger than any Barbie I had collected.  Her white skin was paper white and her resin felt incredible.  She was my very first encounter with a BJD.  I ordered her eyes and a wig and was soon sewing for her.  She has since left our home to be with another family, but for the time that she was here, she brought me much joy! :0)

Eswyn, my WS RS Mei.  She had the default faceup and Sunflower eyes from Safrin Doll Eyes, custom wig by Blushed Roses and dress made by the wonderfully talented Connie at Our Sweet Creations on Etsy.  The bed and bedding I made myself.

This hobby brings out the creativity in everyone no matter how talented you are or not.  I collect what I like and what pleases me and I hope that I will always enjoy my dolls in this way!