Saturday, September 8, 2012

Kess's Apartment... A Little More Progress.

Today I worked on a few accessories for Kess's apartment.  I bought a plain wood trunk from Hobby Lobby and painted it, adding the filigree decorations which are actually stickers meant for scrapbooking as the decoration on the front.  I added the seat cushion made of one inch foam and covered with cotton fabric and made the pillows.  This is for extra seating in her apartment seeing as I don't have plans for a big couch or anything in her one room, one bath set up.

I also made the pillow that's on the rocker.
Next I worked on the night stand and lamp that is next to her bed.  The night stand is made out of a paper mache box also found at Hobby Lobby and square dowels painted and decorated with a brass Vintaj filigree.  The lamp is made with a wooden candle stick base that I painted.  The lamp shade is made with a cream colored card stock and white rose ribbon for decoration.
This side of her apartment is almost done.  I just have to paint and glue the baseboard around the bottom of the walls.  I want the apartment to have "hardwood" floors, but that won't happen till I know how big it will actually be once it's done.


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