Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kess's Apartment: Part 2

So, I've made some progress on Kess's Apartment in the last few days.  Specifically the window and window seat.
Tuesday and Wednesday was spent doing a lot of measuring, cutting, painting and glueing of the window frame.  It's tedious work but rewarding when you measure twice and cut once!  When the frame was all set I cut and glued in the window pane- a sheet of clear Acetate.  Now, when I bought the Acetate I forgot that I was working with an area greater than the 12"x12" size that it comes in.  Needless to say, I will have to go back to Hobby Lobby in the next few days to get another sheet as the top panes don't have Acetate in them :0/.  Ah well, live and learn...

I also painted and added the center medalian under the seat.
Today I worked on the window seat cushion, the curtains and a pillow for her bed.  The curtains are just basic panels that are hung on a dowel rod that is concealed in the cornice box just like real curtains would be.  I picked this Poly-Satin fabric in this deep wine color because it brings out the pink flowers in the quilt nicely.  I tied them back with some beads strung on stretchy cord.  The window seat cushion is a piece of 1 inch foam covered in some left over gold silk fabric from another project.  It's fairly neutral and seems to work well.
I just have a few finishing touches to add to complete this side of the room.  All in all, I'm quite happy with the result! :0)
My dog Molly likes to hang out with me as I'm working on a project in my workroom.  Well, I worked on this project on the floor and she would come over and check in on me occassionally.  Here she is peaking through the window before it was completed.  She also enjoyed stepping through it to come see me :0)


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