Sunday, October 21, 2012

31 Day Tiny BJD Photo Challenge.

So, I've been wanting to do one of those photo challenge things on Flickr lately just to get into the habit of getting my camera out for more than listing photos and to be more creative with my photo taking.  I was invited to join a Flickr group called 31 Day Tiny BJD Photo Challenge and thought this was exactly what I've been waiting for! 

Basically, we're given a list of 'themes' for each of the 31 days that we're a part of this challenge.  Most folks seem to be choosing a particular doll to feature in these photos so I've decided that Neely could use some extra camera time.  A tiny BJD is a BJD that is 26cm or 10.2 inches and under.  Neely is 15.5cm or 6.1 inches tall.

 So without any further delay, here's Day 1/31: In Her Bed

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