Sunday, October 14, 2012

Great Finds!

So yesterday my daughter Valerie wanted to go to the local Goodwill to look around.  Saturday is usually a zoo at Goodwill because they have everything 50% off, but if you don't mind standing in line for a while to check out or a crowded store, then it's well worth it.  I hit the jackpot yesterday!

Our Goodwill has a little gift shop that's separate from the Goodwill itself and it has mostly new gift items in it.  Amongst their items for sale, they have miniature instruments and most of them are music boxes.  I decided that Julian, my Minifee Shiwoo, needs to play the violin.  They had several; a couple of music box types which were too big, and a few that were actually Christmas ornaments. I decided to get one of the Christmas ornaments but it didn't come with a bow.  So, last night I set to making a bow out of Polymer Clay, wire and silver thread.  It came out well I think.  Here's Julian playing his new violin.

After purchasing the violin, I went back to the Goodwill's household section while Valerie looked through the clothing.  I've been looking for one of those compartmented wooden shelves to display my Mini & Micro Lalaloopsy collection in for months now and I finally stumbled on one!  And since everything was 50% off, I only paid $2.00 for it!  Awesome find!

 It needed a polishing, but it's just perfect for these little gals and guys to hang out in.  Now I just need to paint my workroom so I can hang this shelf up and they can be displayed properly instead of in their plastic container. :0/

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  1. Great finds! I wish our Goodwill had something like this!