Friday, October 12, 2012


So, I need to do some backtracking.  It seems that I got the order of arrivals mixed up when it comes to Neely and Thistledown.  Who is Thistledown? you ask.  Well, Thistle was a little girl who came to live me for a brief time before Neely arrived- the product of the need for a new doll while enduring the 10 week wait for Fairyland to ship Neely to me! 

Thistledown is a Tiny Mina by Sleeping Elf on Etsy.  Carrie Atwood is the artist who designs and sculpts these delicate bjd's and has Bobobie/ResinSoul cast them for her.  She is located in the UK and is very happy to work with her customers. 

I wanted a tiny fairy like doll and The Sleeping Elf Tiny Mina fit the bill.  I purchased her from Carrie's Etsy shop and she was home in no time.  Of course by then I already had Eswyn, my ResinSoul Mei, and Kaili, my Fairyland Ante, waiting for her.  Thistle turned out to be smaller than Kaili in many ways.  She was very slim and MUCH more delicate compared to Kaili.  I've always liked the look of the more delicate doll but have found over the course of time and a few dolls later, that I really like solid feeling dolls.

Thistle on the day of her arrival December 1, 2009.  So tiny in my hand!
Thistle stayed with us for a little while and she and Kaili had some fun together, but I really couldn't make myself love her the way I wanted to so she decided she wanted to travel to a new home. 
Here are some photos of the adventures she had with us:

Eswyn reading to Thistle and Kaili.
Christmas of 2009 Mendokusai of DOA had a photo contest and this was my entry.  I won First Place! :0)
I made Thistle a lantern house. Here you can see how much bigger Kaili is than Thistle.

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